Laura and Jason Michielsen's backgrounds are built on integrity, serving, and they are dedicated to providing excellent equine services.

Laura and Jason both have careers in Emergency Services. Laura has been a Primary Care Paramedic since 2008 serving rural communities and her husband Jason has been a Fire Fighter with The City of Calgary since 2008 as well.  They are located by Torrington Alberta with their young son.

 Laura believes in "Setting the horse up for success." Giving them every opportunity to do the right thing and making that thing easy. Building a horse that likes his job is essential.

She has ridden with some of the greats including Kelsey Lutjen, Joy Wargo, Kim Geratoski, Charmayne James, Jane Melby, and Dee Butterfield to name a few.


Using bits and pieces from each of them she makes an individualized program for each horse.





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